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                                                          Michèle Sauvé

French Canadian violinist and painter, creates countless digital paintings, using the dedicated applications of her digital devices.


She then interprets her work with her brushes, thus transposing into textures and materials her poetic vision, tinged with melancholy, of the world around her.

Her work is strongly influenced by graphics, the techniques of his works are inextricably linked: ink, drawing, acrylic and digital creations. Her sources of inspiration are diverse and are found around us: wall textures, trees, portraits.

The metamorphoses of her work make her a new generation artist, in this new current of digital art, using her own paintings as a backdrop to make them unique works.
She was one of the three winners of the iPhone Art competition, in October 2011.



Baden-Baden, Festspielhaus, 2019
Paris, Théâtre Les Bouffes du Nord, 2016

Paris,  Théâtre Les Bouffes du Nord  2016

Baden Baden, Festspielhaus  2019

Thiré, festival, 2016

Membre des  Arts Florissants depuis 1984.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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