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 Revue Parcours "Les femmes et la création"  Montréal  juin 2017

A violinist for more than thirty years with the baroque music ensemble, Les Arts florissants, in Paris, Michèle Sauvé was born in Quebec. French by adoption, she made her life there, but returns regularly to her hometown, Montreal, roots oblige. This summer, however, she will have an additional reason to come and visit us, the presentation of an exhibition at the gallery at 1040, rue Marianne est in Montreal, from June 21 to 26. It is that Michèle Sauvé, in addition to being an accomplished musician, maintains with assiduity and passion a practice in visual arts whose course, without being unusual, is nonetheless intriguing.
Orchestral violinist, she travels the world and lives as a musician a dream life. Sensitive, involved, passionate, her eye and soul are constantly solicited by the environments she visits. Those from elsewhere like those of his Parisian daily.

It is in this context that the visual arts imposed themselves on her quite naturally.

Perhaps it is the memory of her father, Wilfrid Sauvé, photographer, coupled with her fascination with technology coupled with her overwhelming interest in painting, all of this put together and more pushed her towards a pictorial exploration. different.
Using the tools and means of our time, a few years ago she began a series of digital works entirely built with her “iPhone”. Thanks to applications entirely dedicated to image transformation and specially designed for smartphones, she creates from photos, works inspired by her reality that she transforms in her own way with great talent. Little by little, her artistic journey also guides her towards a twinning between the technological and traditional approach by painting on canvas from her digital works that she reworks with pigments and collages. This approach widens its exploratory field and allows it to express itself through a broader register sometimes by advocating only digital, sometimes mixed technique.

The result is works well inscribed in modernity. The most successful are those where the artist reconstructs spaces step by step by advocating and establishing astonishing aesthetic and stylistic associations.

Remember this meeting at the 10 40 gallery, from June 21 to 26, 2017 and discover a pictorial approach that is worth the detour.

Michèle Sauvé

Technotonic art

text: Robert Bernier, June 2017

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